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Hope Beyond


Military Service


A Cancer Nonprofit & So Much More

Our Mission:

Providing Hope Beyond Cancer, Love, Dignity and Self Esteem to the Patient and the Homeless Veteran. Providing an "educational tool" to begin building the confidence of "self-worth" in spite of the circumstances and storms of life.


FIM feels, everyone deserves a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. Face in the Mirror is a nonprofit organization that helps the individual to find hope, dignity, and self-esteem within themselves


A 501©(3) Nonprofit

Our Inspiration


Charlotte Mae McCracken, my sister, lost her battle with breast cancer in 2004. In visiting, I noticed her sitting with, shoulders drooped and spirits gone. I suggested we "play" by giving her a facial makeover and she said, "you can't help me look better," I said "yes I can" she smiled and accommodated me. I began by adding a little color to her lips, eyebrows, and cheeks. I brushed her wig and said to her "now look at you!" she looked at herself in the mirror and said, "I look pretty, take my picture". She was rejuvenated, I was thrilled! In the midst of our celebrating and taking photos she stopped and said "promise me you will do this for others" and I ask why, her words still haunt me today, "because no one cares what you look like when you're sick" I made her that promise and Face In The Mirror was born. 

Face In The Mirror began in March of 2004 as a 501©3 giving Hope Beyond Cancer. Since that day, over 50 thousand have been visited. The Mission continues today and somehow, I think she sees it and smiles. 



In loving memory, 

Barbara MacLean


Contact us to make a donation or become a volunteer.

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