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December 20, 2011

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Face In The Mirror began out of the love between two sisters. Barbara MacLean was visiting her sister Charlotte McCracken, suffering from breast cancer. Trying to help her sister feel better she suggested a facial makeover. When finished, there was such an emotional and psychological lift to Charlotte that she said to Barbara “promise me you will do this for others”, adding the words “because no one cares what you look like when you’re sick”…Barbara made that promise. Charlotte lost her 10 year battle on September 8, 2001. Shortly following, Barbara, staying true to her promise, began the journey of what was to become, Face In The Mirror.

Our Song- Face in the Mirror (click to listen)

Face In The Mirror Foundation became a 501©3 organizations in March of 2004. Barbara has attempted to “honor” her sister’s memory in many ways. The organization’s name came from a poem Barbara wrote to Charlotte; the carnation on the gift bag was Charlotte’s favorite flower. Barbara enjoyed the way Charlotte always ended each note or letter with her “signature” Smiley Face, we adopted this happy face!  The “Lady in Red” in the signature painting, represents Charlotte, she loved to wear red.


Immediately, hospitals began opening their arms to the idea of bringing a “new type of healing” to their patients. We are now in 8 hospitals and affiliates. Each year, over 2,500 women experience their spirits calmed, a relaxing facial, hand/foot massage, providing the emotional strength so that she can look into the mirror and say with a smile, “The face in the mirror IS still me”!

FIM 4 Men

We realize that men have cancer too. This important outreach to men began in 2009. FIM 4 Men volunteers go into the hospital rooms of over 1,000 men annually, offering a clean shave, a moisturizing calming facial, a hand and foot massage…and hope for tomorrow. Please visit our FIM 4 Men page for more information.

All About Us Kids

All About Us Kids is a mission of pampering and building back self esteem to over 1,600 children and teens annually. Each volunteer visit includes gifts, clothes, toys, and comfort to the child in the burn and trauma units, those suffering from cancer, and other childhood diseases. FIM volunteers also serve as an emotional arm to the child’s mother or guardian by offering a hand massage, and a light facial, to help calm their anxieties, as they sit by the bedsides of their sick child. Please visit our All About Us Kids page for more information.

Monthly Celebrations

Face In The Mirror supports the patient by offering once a month “In Celebration Of Life” tea parties. Patients enjoy eating, meeting, sharing, laughing and learning. They leave with hope in their heart, a smile on their face, and stronger emotionally to face another day. Please visit our page Tea Party Celebrations

Please help us reach more patients by volunteering and donating! Our Mission is provided without cost to the patient. We depend on the community to keep us going.

Let’s bring more empowerment to patients so they can say- I CAN…Smile Back At Cancer

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