Featured Patient

December 21, 2011

When I met Sadie she made such an impression on me. Her sense of humor and witty, sweet, fun personality filled her room with positive energy. Her family was much the same and joked with us as we did her make up. They all asked to be next in the hand massage line!

She let us know she loved make up and being a pretty woman. Getting her hair colored and cut was a must! When she learned her hair would fall out from treatment she once again inspired me with her strength and positive attitude, saying “I can do this”. Her husband and two sons were there to support her on this new journey. Her husband called for a special wig fitting and hair removal appointment. I showed up with what Sadie said was “The perfect wig” “It looks just like my hair cut and color, you did good”. She left the hospital happy and held her head high with dignity. She is definitely a special lady…

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