Our Mission

December 21, 2011

Our Mission
Our Mission is to pamper and provide to the person who is in their personal battle with cancer the essential touch that calms the spirit and touches the inner person, health giving back hope and self-esteem. To encourage and promote the psychological outer well-being of cancer patients to overcome their personal battle and ultimately “smile back at cancer” and feel confident enough to say I CAN!

Face In The Mirror began from one sister nurturing another who was suffering from cancer.  Face In The Mirror was born from that love.

Our Commitment
Face in the Mirror is committed to a very personal and supportive philosophy of improving the outer well-being of cancer patients who continue to face the challenges of their disease. As the patient’s outward appearance declines from chemotherapy, medication and radiation, one’s morale and mental toughness can suffer greatly. As confirmed by Internist, Dr. Arthur Pelberg of Phoenix, Arizona, “How you look, directly affects how you feel. We know there is a direct correlation between a person’s emotional and physical health. Illness can consume ones energy; appearance can easily fall by the wayside. Helping a patient look better can give them the extra boost they need to actually be better.”

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