December 20, 2011

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Interested in becoming a Face in the Mirror Volunteer?

Face In The Mirror offers a variety of rewarding volunteer opportunities for caring people like you to share your special gift of compassion, understanding, and love with our patients. We are looking for volunteers to help with pampering the patient, women, men and child. We need administrative help, organizing and sorting inventory and supplies, and staffing tea parties, stuffing envelopes, etc.

We need of committed and dedicated men and women to assist us in the continued success of our Mission- to pamper and provide to the person who is in their personal battle with cancer the essential touch that calms the spirit and touches the inner person, giving back hope and self-esteem. As a Face In The Mirror personal support volunteer, you can encourage and lift the spirits of patients battling cancer in Arizona. Your Mission will change your life by putting a hand out to someone in need and bringing a smile to their face, hope to their heart, and light to a life that may have lost its sunshine. You can change the world one patient at a time!

Ready to become a volunteer?

Please fill out our FIMVolunteerApplication and email to info@faceinthemirror.org or contact (480) 443-1344. You may also visit VolunteerMatch to apply for one of our open positions.
[VolunteerMatch - Where Volunteering Begins.]


Carina joined Face in the Mirror as a volunteer in 2011 and became Patient and Volunteer Director in 2012. She oversees and is also paramount in the visitation of over 2000 cancer patients annually.

Her loving heart and  giving spirit is described by many of “her” patients as being an “angel”. Her daily Mission is to bring love, attention, and beautiful calm to each one she touches, and it works!  She says it is an “honor” to do what she does, and nothing in the world brings her more JOY than serving others.

Carina is sacrificial in her attention to the patient giving her love and service to those who need her, five days a week. Often times, never stopping for a break, so that as many AS POSSIBLE can be given hope DURING THEIR STORM IN LIFE.
Carina is the Patient and Service Supervisor with FIM’s partners,  St Joseph Medical Center, Barrow Neurological, and the University of Arizona Cancer Center. She is responsible for training new volunteers. Her daily journey takes her into all other oncology departments through out the hospitals. Visiting Women and Men, she brings smiles, love and personal care to many.

Carina is also a devoted mother and grandmother, and wife. Her love all she comes in contact with is contagious, and Face in the Mirror and the cancer patients which are visited by her are changed for the better because of her dedicated and loving spirit.


Jill describes herself as a very sympathetic and compassionate person. She is vegan and doesn’t wear or eat animals or their by-products. She is very much against animal cruelty and human suffering as well. She found out about Face in the Mirror when taking her mother to her radiation appointments. She lived in Los Angeles for 16 years and returned to Scottsdale to be with her mom and take care of her. Jill is a licensed esthetician and very experienced with skin care and make up. She graduated Cum Laude from UCLA.

Ginnia Baird

I am an Arizona girl, mom of 5, and Nanna of 10 grandchildren. They are my love and are 1st in getting my time and care. However, I have joined Face in the Mirror, since becoming a cancer survivor. A super FIM- in- a- pink- coat- volunteer came to meet and share with my friend, Sandy, at the hospital when I drove her there for radiation. We were very happy to learn about FIM. Sandy invited me to the Tea, and there I found what I had been wanting to find: a way to share and help others making a similar journey to mine. It has been a blessing to be able to give another a little lift, a spot of sunshine in a hospital setting. -Ginna

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