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What We Do

Makeup, Massage & Facials

We believe that healing touch during chemotherapy is just another form of medicine that touches mind, body and spirit

Tea Party Celebrations

We believe that every cancer patient deserves a reason to celebrate life with inspirational music, food and in good fellowship


Chemotherapy can often leave a patient cold. Through the generosity of donors we provide wigs, hats and blankets, comfort

Gift Bags

We provide free gift bags filled with products that help our patients look and feel great in their time of need. Bringing smiles

About Us

Why we do what we do....and how you can help

Face In The Mirror began out of the love between two sisters. Barbara MacLean was visiting her sister Charlotte McCracken, suffering from breast cancer. Trying to help her sister feel better she suggested a facial makeover. When finished, there was such an emotional and psychological lift to Charlotte that she said to Barbara “promise me you will do this for others”, adding the words “because no one cares what you look like when you’re sick”…Barbara made that promise. Charlotte lost her 10 year battle on September 8, 2001. Shortly following, Barbara, staying true to her promise, began the journey of what was to become, Face In The Mirror.

  • Over 40,000 patients served

    Cancer is not just a female disease, last year almost 20% of our clients were male. With your help we can do more!

  • All Types of Cancer

    Last year we provided products and services to patients with over 30 different types of cancer.Your donation can help us achieve even greater reach!

  • Demographics

    Cancer does not discriminate and neither do we. While the average age of a client is 54 years young, we proudly serve all races, nationalities, and faiths. We'd love to expand our client base to serve children!

  • Please Help if you can!

    Seeking support to expand our mission we could use your donations of time, product and experience. We are blessed to have partners that run charity events on our behalf, please check them out and continue to help us provide Joy, Hope and Comfort!


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Our People

It Couldn't Happen Without Them
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Charlotte Lost her battle with Cancer but has provided her sister with the inspiration to dedicate her time to keeping her memory alive
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Barbara MacLean

“Barbara is such an inspiration. So many people are touched by people in their lives, and vow to make a difference, but never follow through. Through Barbara’s philanthropy and dedication to making women with cancer feel beautiful she has touched countless lives….and will touch many in the future.”
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Sylvia keeps everything running
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These are the dedicated men and women who bring the joy to the patients


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