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“Thank you so much for all the beautiful beauty products. It was so nice of you to think of me. What a wonderful thing you are doing for women who have to go through this terrible disease. God bless you, and thank you again”.


God bless you and all the other wonderful people at Face in the Mirror.


Thank you for your kindness in sending me the Face In The Mirror care package. Yes, it brightened by day and lifted my spirits.


Thank you so very much for your gifts. I asked for body cream and you gave me so much more. And the cherry on top of the cake – the incredible wig. When I lose my hair (darn) again you won’t know when I don that wig. You can’t tell the difference. And most of all, thank you for your love and prayers of healing.


Thank you for a wonderful time being pampered and being made to feel special.


Thank you so much for the beautiful bag of make-up and mirror. Your mission of helping those of us with cancer to see the “face in the mirror” is so important to the healing process. You’re incredible!


Thank you for all the goodies you sent with my friend Glenna. I am just beginning my new journey of chemo. The encouragement was wonderful. You are doing such a fantastic service.


Face in the Mirror’s Ladies in Pink – very sweet and genuinely caring, as well as personable. Made me feel welcomed and a bit calmer as it was my first time in a hospital. Surprised at quality of products. Excellent!


Thank you so much. We got everything today. My mom and I had a very special afternoon together with everything that you sent us. My mom looked great. She looked so great and she had so much fun putting on make-up. She really enjoyed herself which was so nice to see her happy and having fun and that all from you. I cannot thank you enough for the joy that you brought to my mom today.


What a wonderful experience I had at Desert Sam. Going in for a hysterectomy and coming out with Stage 3 ovarian cancer was a lot to swallow! Patricia saved my life the day she came in and gave me my facial, makeup application, foot massage and most of all love! I think you are all wonderful! And I thank you from the bottom of my heart!


What a lovely surprise!! Your package of treats arrived today. It was perfect timing!! I am recovering from breast cancer treatment. Thankfully my hair is starting to come back…but my skin is a mess! Thank you so much!! I know I will thoroughly enjoy getting my skin tone back in shape….Thank you again for this amazing gift! You are all true angels!!


Many thanks for your “gifts of love” that I received at Barrow Neurological Institute. I was so surprised to have a lovely volunteer approach me in the waiting room. All the gifts were so special and I love the cosmetics. I felt so cared about and will think of you when using the products.


Words cannot explain how you make me feel when I come to your tea parties and how I take it with me when I leave and share yourself with my world. I love you for allowing me the chance to do that with all I have to give.


I’ve attended several of your teas and all of them have been great! I really appreciate your organization and all that you do for us. Today’s tea was absolutely awesome! You really “outside” yourself on this one! What a beautiful giver of yourself – for us! My friend and I played the CD on our way home and it is also beautiful! Thank you for loving and caring about each one of us so much! And, thank you for your prayers and yes, I’m expecting miracles!


I am thankful for being alive and having my family well. I am thankful for having my family unit –husband, daughter and grandkids close to me along with co-workers and all the individuals that I am privileged to connect with in my daily life.


I am thankful for my successful surgery and recovery and that I have reached out to long lost loved ones to reconnect. I am thankful for that I woke up breathing today! That I know the Lord. That even though I may not agree with the election results I still love this country! May God Bless America!


I am thankful for my Lord, my family (even on the “bad” dysfunctional days) & my health and the ability to serve.


I am thankful for my loving, caring family and the hope they give me.


I am thankful for everything, no more chemo or radiation, good health, my family, my friends, my cat. I am thankful for kind, generous, loving human being. Also thankful for each day and new opportunities that we are presentd with from medical technology to treat and cure cancer and other diseases. I thank God that I’m alive and all my family, relatives and friends. I am thankful for my family and the support they give me. Thankful for the new grandbaby I will have the joy of sharing. Thankful for all the people that give us support here at these tea parties. I’m thankful for each day.


I am thankful that I still have my Mother and all 2 sisters and 4 brothers and got the chance to see them all last weekend. PS, I got the change to travel and I did. I am thankful for Face in the Mirror!


I am thankful that I am cancer free and have a wonderful husband that is very supportive especially when I am ill. I am thankful for my Catholic faith, my beautiful wife Caroline.


I am thankful for the end of chemo, my health, my husband’s support and all the wonderful friends cancer introduced me to.


I am thankful for Jesus and for my salvation.


I am thankful to be alive, thanks to God for all things and all blessings.


GI am thankful to be able to be here today! For my loving supportive family and friends also the marvelous care from my doctors, nurses and hospital staff.


an oncology patient wrote …I was admitted to Banner Desert Hospital for over a week in the adult oncology unit and “Patricia is the wonderful lady that came twice to help me feel better and I just wanted to write and say Thank you for this amazing program. On those two days, I felt better than I did any other day, and I owe it all to Patricia.”


an 83 year old oncology patient at Banner Good Samaritan, was seen by two of our volunteers. After being dismissed, she ran out of products, Pricilla called to see if she could receive more moisturizing cream and part of our service is to provide after dismissal, we sent those needed products to Priscilla. During her conversation we took notes of what she said and how our pampering made her feel …she said,” when your volunteers walked into the room, they were like a breath of spring to me! Their appearance was lovely and they were so pretty. It meant so much to me to have them come in. Their words were mesmerizing and made me feel better. I have been a volunteer for over 30 years, and I only hope I could have meant that much to someone as they did to me that day, I nearly melted when she touched my face, I wish they could have done my whole body, it was that wonderful… But I know they don’t do that! The two girls who came into my room that day made my stay there about as good as it can get! They were both beautiful. It meant so much! Thank you for what you have done, I can’t tell you how much it meant to me!

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