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In Celebration Of Life

Face In The Mirror, partnered with St. Joseph Hospital & Medical Center, host

bi-monthly In Celebration Of Life Tea Luncheons to bring hope, laughter, and healing to cancer patients and their guest.


Each event offers the guests a bountiful buffet along with a special program designed around the patient and their journey. The phrase is to leave the sad and sickness at our door and to go home with their life's cup filled and running over. 


Food, Fun, Music, Gifts, Hugs, and Friends.

*Reservation requested (480) 443-1344


RSVP 480-443-1344

A Cancer Organization That Brings People Together

Discover a cancer organization that brings patients and their families together to relax, celebrate, and enjoy great food. Face in the Mirror organizes bi-monthly tea parties where people whose lives are affected by cancer can eat, meet, share, laugh, and learn. We hope to hold these events for many years to come, but we need your help! Please consider becoming a volunteer or making a donation to Face in the Mirror.

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