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At Face in the Mirror Foundation we recognize the importance of our mission, to encourage and promote the psychological well-being of cancer patients to overcome their personal battle by realizing that, “when we look better, we feel better; when we feel better the healing process begins.”

We also realize that there are so many other components that need to come together to treat the whole person. As such we are happy to provide you with other resources to complete your knowledge and treatment of cancer.

The following resources are being made available to help guide you along your path:

Cancer Education



Cancer Centers / Hospitals




Cancer Clinical Trials


Support Groups
  • Sunstone Cancer Support Centers

  • CaringBridge – “CaringBridge is a nonprofit offering many ways for people to care for each other during any type of health event.”

  • Myboobypillow – My life-saving pillow

  • – cancer hats, cancer scarves, medical headwear for hair loss. For cancer, chemotherapy, alopecia, trichotillomania, and other cancer patients.

  • – raising awareness on how smoking accelerates cancer


Makeup Artistry



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