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“In Celebration of Life” Teas


Since we began the monthly “In Celebration of Life” teas, thousands have come to celebrate their time away from the “storm of cancer” meet and greet new friends, see and to realize they are not alone. We give away hugs! They come and enjoy a beautifully prepared tea, finger sandwiches, fruits, veggies, desserts. Each giving testimony to the “lift” they receive, because they smile and even laugh again… Each month is a fresh new program …special speakers, singing, fun times, and “play”, receiving gifts, with a makeover or wig.  All for FREE! We give each woman (and man if requested) a makeover with pure and botanical products, a hand massage, comfort and friendship and help build back their self-esteem. We encourage all patients’ currently undergoing cancer treatment and survivors, along with their family, guest, to join us for this time of celebration.

The most updated information about the next tea party can be found on the above blog posts and if you would like more information visit the contact page and shoot us an email! 

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