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Charlotte’s Letter

Note from Barbara


Charlotte, my sister, wrote these words to me on being a volunteer. They changed my perspective and gave me a distinct revelation of how one dedicated life changes another’s especially in times of illness.


Let the following letter written about volunteers from Charlotte guide you in your decision about becoming a volunteer for us.



Dear Barbara,
I believe a change of scenery and one in which you will be observing people who, at least some of them, are almost at a “
standstill stage” – will help you get a glimpse at priorities of life. This scenario is so different from every day, outside busy life… and you will probably appreciate more the ability to come and go and be, more than you
even did before you became a volunteer. Do not let it get under your skin. Remember! You are there to help others…and in so doing…they will help you…lettum! It is really wonderful, how you get a whole different perspective on life when you have a life-threatening illness … and I think it has actually in many ways been good for me. Things! THAT ARE SO FLUID AND PASSING…ARE STILL NICE…don't get me wrong. I love pretty, fun and luxurious…but they aren’t LIFE…and it helps us to get centered every once in a while, we are very independent and we are really so dependent upon the Almighty! Some of the best/most important people I have met during my treatments have been “volunteers!” those funny, smiling, helpful, without pay people who just love you! No reason other than, they just do! Go, girl! Your smile is your ticket to helping some sad soul who needs a hug! Have fun! Lucky you!




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