Our Inspiration

December 20, 2011

Face In The Mirror was founded in 2004 by Barbara MacLean in honor of her sister, Charlotte Mae McCracken, who lost her battle to breast cancer. During the final days of Charlotte’s life, Barbara wanted so desperately to lift her sister’s spirit and help her feel whole again, healing so she convinced Charlotte to let her apply makeup and comb her hair. A gentle application of powder and blush combined with a touch of eye shadow and some lipstick transformed her to a new woman. No longer was Charlotte pale and feeling hopeless, she was happy, rejuvenated and energized. It was then that Charlotte asked Barbara to make a promise that she would help others the same way she had helped her, and added “because no one cares what you look like when you’re sick” Barbara made that promise and what was to be Face In The Mirror was born.

Face In The Mirror volunteers focus on healing patients from the outside in, by improving their emotional health, and giving hope when there is, many times, little left. Volunteers offer a complimentary relaxing facial, along with makeovers, a soothing hand and foot massage, to the woman who has lost her hair, a new wig, or scarf, at her bedside or in many of the oncology departments throughout Valley hospitals.  An inspiring gift a CD “Face in the Mirror” is also in the gifts given.  Volunteers also visit the men (FIM4MEN) who are suffering from cancer, offering each a hand, foot massage, or shaving his face, when he is too ill to do it for himself.  The children (All About Us Kids)   visited all receive child friendly gifts and a signature AAUK shirt and hat adorned with a Smiley Face! All products used are pure and chemically free and each is left with a lovely bag filled with products that will care for their compromised skin.

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