December 20, 2011

Face in the Mirror Volunteers visit over 5,000 women, men and children annually in Valley Hospitals and partnering organizations. This corp of volunteers is the driving force and spirit behind our success.

Our outreach of services strives to encourage and give hope in the midst of the patients’ personal storm by enhancing the outward beauty, thereby contributing to the patient’s sense of well-being giving back hope which aids in the healing process. Face in the Mirror volunteers visit the patients in their hospital rooms or while taking chemotherapy or radiation, walk into the life of the patient and with a smile and a bright pink jacket, provide the following:

  • Botanical and chemically-free cosmetics and skin care products tucked into a beautiful linen FIM drawstring bag. The bag is embossed with our signature carnation, Charlotte’s favorite flower and logo


  • A hand and or foot soothing massage to promote relaxation after a stressful day of treatment and medications comforting and giving back hope, soothing the anxieties of the day.


  • We strive to pick the best wig that will give a feeling of “that’s me again” or a fun “look at that girl” in the mirror! We also provide lovely scarves and hats all adding a personal touch  of beauty or confidence
  • A mirror given with faith that one day she may look at herself and say, “The face in the mirror is still me!”


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